Friday, February 29, 2008

They are all Limbaugh Conservatives

There are various types of Conservatives. Not as many as there are types of liberals, but still a few.
  1. Paleo-Conservatives or Northeastern Conservatives - largely focus on economic conservativism, trimming the federal budget, lowering taxes, decorum in public life.
  2. Fiscal Conservatives or Business Conservatives - like Paleo Conservatives but more focused on lowering taxes and eliminating governmental regulation.
  3. Libertarian Conservatives - again similar, largely focused on economic and domestic issues, want to eliminate government regulation entirely, and most taxation as well. Favor a government that doesn't get involved with peoples lives.
  4. Neo-Conservative - uninterested in domestic issues (well to be more precise, they have a variety of views on domestic issues; their point of agreement is foreign policy), but believe in a strong America who is expressing it's military might to tame the middle east and protect Israel.
  5. Christian Conservatives - want to see the Government more respectful towards Christians, want the power to inflict their personal conduct codes on the rest of us, want to protect Israel so we can have a bang up end of the world.
  6. Limbaugh Conservatives - largely defined by hatred of liberals, their number one goal is the defeat and elimination of liberals, usually in warlike imagery.
Here's a quote from the penultimate Limbaugh Conservative, Rush Limbaugh.
Senator McCain should start pretending that liberal Democrats are conservative Republicans, and then he can cuss them out and throw them under his bus. Because if anybody needs to be thrown under his bus, it's liberal Democrats.
We'll just assume that he means that in a rhetorical sense.

Limbaugh is very open and clear in what he wants - the elimination of Liberalism. There was a time when he was ok with saving two for each zoo, but now I'm not sure he even wants that many still around. And out of the Limbaugh Conservatives, Limbaugh himself is fairly moderate (he's not, for example, using the "Barack Hussein Obama" formulation).

Limbaugh Conservatives want to get rid of Liberals, so I'm guessing it's ok for me to be pissed at them? Eh? Or do I have to act like the the media figures in this cartoon, and politely look the other way while Limbaugh and his ilk condemn me and strive to eliminate me and people who think like me from the political discourse?

But wait, you say. There are lots of other Conservatives. Is it really fair to attack all conservatives for the sins of the Limbaugh Conservatives? The surprising answer is yeah. Totally. Why you say?

Fuck 'em. That's why.

Wait, that's probably not a complete answer. Because the other branches of Conservatives more or less agree with the Limbaugh Republicans, with the possible exception of the North Eastern Conservatives and the Libertarian Conservatives. But even those branches are pretty good at keeping their mouth shut. They are benefiting happily from the hatred and bile of the Limbaugh Conservative.

So what I am asked to do is pretend that a lot of people benefiting from hatred towards me and people like me are really innocent. If they are innocent let them condemn the Ann Coulters and Rush Limbaughs of the world. But they won't.

Meanwhile Democrats are practically required to condemn the Michael Moores and Al Frankens of the world; who are light years more moderate than Limbaugh. That's the sort of double standard that pisses me off.

In conclusion those of you who are waiting for me to go easy on Conservatives or be nicer to them probably have a good long wait ahead of you. The best you get is I'll be fair to them, and even that is more than they'd give me.

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