Friday, February 01, 2008

McCain Ennui

David Limbaugh, America's other Limbaugh, also doesn't like John McCain, which comes as no surprise. He notes that McCain has slighted conservatives again and again, and seems to take pleasure in doing so. He criticizes McCains positions on global warming, campaign finance reform, and tax cuts. And then he gets to foreign policy, the one area where Conservatives generally like McCain. But even here, McCain comes up short.
When it comes to the most important issue of all -- the war -- McCain is more hawkish and more conservative than anyone. But even that is not entirely true on closer inspection. He's been good mostly on Iraq -- from a conservative perspective -- but very disappointing on opposing tough, life-saving interrogation techniques, in wanting to close down Gitmo, and in favoring constitutional protections for enemy combatants. Only liberals think like that. Only liberal instincts tell us that if we are tough on them, they'll be tougher on us -- as if they need any excuse to be barbaric toward us. They just are.
Life saving interrogation techniques, eh? That's a short step to "life saving torture. " I really hope that Romney makes McCain's unwillingness to torture a major campaign issue leading up to the Super Tuesday Primaries.

McCain isn't a liberal by the way; he's just not as insane as the Limbaugh brothers would like him to be.

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