Monday, February 18, 2008

So you're worried about the war? Well let's talk about abortion!

This an article by a guy I don't recall, Phil Harris. And yeah, this is his argument. He defends the Iraq war by making such brilliant points as noting that there were wars before President Bush was President. Yep. President Bush didn't invent war, so we should be ok with him.

Sensing that perhaps his rhetorical skills aren't going to circle the square on the Iraq War he moves to another technique; changing the subject as quickly and violently as possible.
Are you enamored by the thought of a President Obama, or a President Hillary Clinton? Have you considered that both are committed to unencumbered abortion on demand? Have you been listening to the conversations, regarding the realities of abortion?
This is so clumsy as to be hilarious. "You oppose the Iraq war, eh? Well how do you feel about killing babies?" Kind of sad, but perhaps an argument we will be seeing more of. One of McCain's few strengths, with the Republican base, is his consistent pro-life stance. So maybe this won't be the last time we hear this argument.

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