Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm no head shrinker, but I think Rush might be doing a little of that there projecting in this quote.
We're not going to advance our agenda by walking across the aisle, sitting down with them, putting our arms around them, and helping them write their legislation so that they will think we are good people. They want to defeat us. They have no desire for us to be anything more than a little Chihuahua yapping at their heels.
I think Rush is justifying what he wants to do to us (and the image of Chihauhua's is pretty good, I have to admit) but claiming that we want to do it to him. It's a psychological defense against feeling bad when you have to do some thing rotten - just assume that the person or people you are doing it to are planning to do something just as bad or worse to you.

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