Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Islam Itself the Enemy?

This is the title of Michael Medved's latest article, and in a surprising twist of fate, it is also the subject of said article. His answer? Sort of but we are better off not saying that.
For Christianity, however, the worst excesses of violent fanaticism in the name of faith occurred four hundred years ago while for Islam they took place yesterday – with suicide bombings, riots, mutilations and tyrannical theocracies in every corner of the globe. No fair-minded person can look at the role played by Muslim faith in contemporary politics, economics, culture, or human rights without questioning the frequently dysfunctional nature of Islamic ideas.

Nevertheless, any public proclamation of overall enmity toward Islam would harm America’s cause in the world at large and undermine our security at home.

. . . Recognizing that we simply can’t succeed in “a war against Islam” isn’t to say that the followers of Mohammed have built “a religion of peace,” or even that Islam deserves identical respect to other great religions.
So there you have it. For the record he notes that publically declaring war on Islam would be a bad idea; but he's fine with insulting Islam and declaring it a second rate religion.

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