Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McCain Stepped In It Again

For those who don't know, yesterday John McCain was introduced by Bill Cunningham, a conservative talk radio host. Cunningham, who has called Barack Obama "Barack Muhammad Hussein Obama," shortened it down to his actual name, which is Barack Hussein Obama. Of course calling Obama Barack Hussein Obama isn't exactly great either, as the reason for doing it is to plant the idea that Obama is a Muslim, a foreigner or both.

Anyway McCain, having heard of these remarks, chose to speak out against them, calling his two opponents honorable people and all. So good on McCain.

At this point it's probably wise to point out that despite my several positive stories about McCain, the fact is he has whole heartedly supported and promoted the Bush War Madness, and as such we will not be voting for him and we advise you not to vote for him either. But in the spirit of fair play we will pass on positive stories about him.

So Cunningham got out of line, and McCain distanced himself from his comments. Or, as Rush Limbaugh puts it, McCain threw Bill Cunningham under the straight talk express. I don't have a link for this yet, but yeah, Rush was pretty upset at the idea that McCain would attack a fellow Republican rather than a liberal (like Obama). He also personalized the issue (as Rush is wont to do) by saying it was McCain trying to make it up to the media for having courted people like him.

The whole thing is mordantly amusing; McCain can't help angrying up Rush, so he may as well try to pull the wool over liberals and moderates, I guess.

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