Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Bold Accusation

Ben Shapiro, Boy Prognosticator, has made a startling accusation of Senator Barack Obama. Apparently there have been six incidents in which people attending Obama rallies fainted. Well young Ben thinks these incidents might be staged.
I don't mean to suggest that all this is staged. I'm saying it straight out: It's staged. Obama is supposedly Mr. Authentic -- the man who naturally radiates charisma and magnetic charm. His pheromones are so powerful they strike unwitting audience members into a stupor. He's the Beatles. He's Elvis. More than anything, he's the new JFK, a young, vibrant leader who will lead America into a bright new future.

Shapiro doesn't provide any evidence that such events are actually happening, nor does he provide any evidence that this is actually being staged. So I can't verify this story at all.

I will note that such events usually do involve large crowds and are occasionally not as well ventilated as they should be; so it's easy enough for me to think maybe the fainting wasn't caused by Obama's magic magnetism but by simple heat exhaustion.

I also note that Shapiro apparently lost his radio show; as his bio now lists his accomplishments as being a regular guest on radio shows. Guess that's better than nothing.

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