Friday, February 01, 2008

The Other Side of John McCain

Obviously there are some people who like John McCain, and there are others who recognize that his nomination may not be stoppable at this point, and the party had better get used to the idea of supporting him. I'd say John Hawkins is in the latter camp - and his latest article is entitled, "Why You're Going To Vote For John McCain In November And Like It!" He admits that's a bit of hyperbole; most Republicans aren't going to like it. But he says, accurately, that McCain is a lot more conservative than Clinton or Obama.
Does that mean you should, "vote for John McCain in November and like it?" No, but it does mean, that if John McCain is the nominee, you should think very hard about holding your nose and voting for the viable candidate who would do the most good for our country.
Of course the Townhall Readers aren't taking this lying down.
am a conservative first and Republican second. If the Republican party is no longer the party of Conservatives but rather is a liberal party, I will leave it in a heart beat and so would Ronald Reagan.

McCain is a Liberal first and Republican second. He is much more of a threat to our Republic than either of the Democrats this election and I flat out refuse to vote for him. At the very least if we elect Obama then we can blame the Democrats for the next 4 years and not a pretend Republican.
That's a pretty common response from jcdean1978 (oh and the I is missing in the original).

Can Reagen overcome the notable handicap of being dead to leave the Republican Party?

It's interesting how many hurt feelings there seem to be on the Conservative Republicfan side of the fence, more then one noted that McCain "has a history of poking Conservative in the eye on issue after issue." to quote SMILE. But then any disagreement with the party line, no matter how mild, is a poke in the eye, I guess.

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