Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Society is Over

Mike Gallagher is upset that not one American one an award for Acting in the recent Academy Awards. Yes out of four actors selected, not one was American.
I might be overreaching here, but does it make sense that there wasn't a single American actor in 2007 worthy of an Academy Award?

We frequently talk about our vanishing culture. The English language, the customs, the American traditions, all slowly evaporating.

It seems to me that realizing that every single acting award at the Oscars went to foreign actors is a pretty compelling sign of the times...
Personally I think we all out to start learning Mexican just in case. Or maybe Swahili or Mandarin. I mean clearly the victory of a Frenchwoman, a Spaniard, and two Englishpeople portends the death of Western Civilization.

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