Tuesday, February 12, 2008

David Limbaugh sues for peace with McCain

Yes, at least one anti McCain Conservative is apparently willing to throw in the towel and make allegiance with McCain. David Limbaugh, in his latest article, does chide McCain for insufficient conservatism, but he also wants an end to hostilities between the Limbaugh conservatives and the followers of McCain.

Of course he's unable or unwilling to admit that his side has thrown most of the invective. Rather he chides the McCainiacs and suggests that they be nicer to him.
McCain has a choice to make -- and so do neo-Rockefellers presuming to do his bidding. They can either engage in a scorched-earth strategy against the conservative base in furtherance of their power play -- in which case, they'll never get to first base (pun intended). Or they can work with the base, most of which, I dare say, will work with them, especially toward the common end of a secure America.
Kind of sad. Limbaugh knows that if McCain is successful (and let's all hope he's not) he's out of it, so he wants to make peace. But he can't help pretending that this bad blood is all on McCains side of the fence. I could repeat the nasty things that his brother, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter et all have said, but you all know them.

He does know what will eventually unite the party though.
Besides, it's much more fun to direct our fire at Democrats. So let's get back to business.
Yep. Slamming Democrats is the one thing all Republicans apparently agree on.

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