Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We must Suppot Israel whether they like it or not!

Glenn Greenwald's latest post takes on the theory that supporting Israel in America means, well, disagreeing with a hell of a lot of Israelis.
How can that view be equated with being "pro-Israel" or "strongly supportive of Israel" if most Israelis think it's destructive to their interests? That's similar to the "reasoning" which has long claimed that we must continue to occupy Iraq for the good of the Iraqi people even though the vast majority of actual Iraqis have long favored a quick end to our occupation of their country. How can withdrawal from Iraq be deemed a betrayal of Iraqis when Iraqis themselves favor that? And how can views with many Israelis hold possibly be deemed "anti-Israel"?
I suppose we wise and noble Americans know what is best for Iraq and Israel.

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