Friday, February 29, 2008

Can there be peace between McCain and Conservative Talk Show Hosts?

I hope not. But Mike Gallagher is giving it a try with his latest article imploring McCain not to be upset at Conservative Talk Show Hosts for attacking his opponents.
Was it you, sir? You actually felt a need to formally apologize for a speaker to refer to Obama by his full name?

I spoke to Bill Cunningham right after this entire episode. As you might have heard, he is now positively furious with you. I believe his exact words were, “There is now no way I will vote for Juan Pablo McCain after he threw me under the wheels of the Straight Talk Express Bus.”
There was an article yesterday at Salon about how many Presidents and notable Americans we've celebrated who had Semetic Names. It urged Obama to be proud of his middle name, which is Hussein. Kind of misses the point in my opinion. When Cunningham underlines Obama's middle name it's to paint Obama as foreign and muslim and therefore unworthy of being President. And while you and me are smart enough to see through that ploy, Cunningham and his listeners aren't.

But back to Gallagher, Limbaugh Conservatives want a candidate who will really stick it to liberals. They want a Candidate who will run as dirty a campaign as possible; to the Limbaugh Conservative we are to be defeated and eliminated, not gotten along with. That doesn't seem to be McCain's style, but he's made so many changes over the last few years maybe he'll come around on this one as well.

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