Monday, February 11, 2008

Sadly Amusing

Rich Galen's latest article over at Townhall sees him referencing Band of Brothers, and calling for that spirit of "We are all in this together" to return to American Politics.
But, watching the "Band of Brothers" reminded me that there is a higher calling to which we Americans must answer. That there is a greater purpose to which we should rise. That there is a deeper reason for the creation of the United States of America than 30-second ads and 150-word blogs.

I am not suggesting that choosing who will lead our nation over the next four years is not important. It is very important. But our nation will survive no matter what choice the majority makes.

. . . We are political opponents. Not enemies. An enemy is something else altogether.
Kind of funny in a depressing way. I should point out that Galen specifically references Democrats so he's not just talking about the hard feelings caused by the elevation of McCain. But is Galen serious?

He belongs to the movement that supports Rush Limbaugh who describes a proud Democrat as a "liberal extremist" and who thinks we are all mentally ill.

And speaking of mentally ill, the Conservative movement has put up Ann Coulter, who is either crazy like a fox. A description of her pathology, at this late date, is hardly necessary.

Heck one of the Conservative movement's big problems with McCain is that he doesn't hate liberals enough.

So, I'm sorry Mr. Galen. But your vision of an America where we go back to all being buddies isn't very realistic.

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