Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paranoid Fantasies

It's interesting. If in 2000 I had heard someone accurately predict what a Bush Presidency would be like, I would have called them a delusional paranoid crackpot. I mean it would have seemed so bizarre.

That said, I feel pretty confident in saying that John Andrews' predictions for an Obama presidency are delusional, paranoid, and crackpot. Apparently there's going to be a second 9/11 which we can't prevent because of all those silly civil liberty's concerns. What is Obama's response to this tragedy?
Tory radio hosts, already demoralized, grew more so after September 11, 2009, when Al Qaeda took down a dozen airliners over the US, Britain, and Canada in a single hour. Aboard one of them, tragically, was Chief Justice John Roberts. Obama appointed arch-liberal Laurence Tribe to replace him, and picked Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison to chair a commission on why they hate us.

McCain, now as lonely a voice in the Senate as Churchill had been in Parliament before 1939, pointed out that the Patriot Act and FISA surveillance could probably have averted the Second 9/11. But few listened, especially after the Super Fairness Doctrine was signed, muzzling conservative voices on cable and the Internet as well as talk radio.
That's pretty crazy. It's hard to tell whether or not Andrew believes this claptrap, but he certainly wants his readers to believe it.

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