Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to the Blog O Sphere

There will be no gum chewing while visiting my website. Any of you who are chewing gum right now, please spit it out or "face the consequences"(TM).

As you can tell, this website is taking a bit of a different tone. I have just learned, via Matthew Yglesias' review of a post by Lie Spiegal, of the exciting new ideas of Blogofascism.

I hadn't really considered being a blog-o-fascist before, but now that I have heard of the idea, I love it! After all I love pushing people around and making them do things.

Of course the difficulty is figuring out who constitutes the citizenry of Make Me a Commentator!!! The answer is simplicity itself. Anybody who reads my blog or even glances at it has to do what I say. Or "face the consequences"(TM).

So from now on whenever you log onto this website I want you to make the official Make Me a Commentator!!! salute which is . . . let's see . . . putting your fists overy our eyes and rubbing them as if you had just woken up. Both of them. I mean both of your fists. You are not required to use both of your eyes, although it seems unlikely that both of your fists will fit in only one eye.
Citizens of Make Me a Commentator!!! rise up. Read this blog daily! Or "face the consequences"(TM). More orders will come soon. When I think of them.

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