Monday, June 26, 2006

New Commands from Your Dictator for Life

As referenced earlier today, I am now a blog-o-fascist. You as a reader of this weblog are a citizen of Make Me a Commentator!!! Congratulations. That Means you must do what I say or "face the consequences" (TM).

My first command is that you you must use dashes in the words Blog-o-Sphere and Blog-o-Fascism. My reasons for this cannot be adequately explained, but since I'm a blot-o-fascist, that doesn't matter. You have to do it!!!

I will also be working on the National Anthem of Make Me a Commentator!!! as soon as I find my rhyming dictionary. Do you think I should go for four verses or six? Since you'll be required to sing it once a day (and twice on holidays), I'll let you, my citizens, have some input.

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