Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm letting the Bastards Grind Me Down

I was very energetic earlier this week. But today's list of articles has just worn me out.

Besides Ann Coulter calling for Treason Trials for the New York Times, we also have Hugh Hewitt and Jeff Jacoby condemning the Times for reporting on a program this administration has boasted about for years. I particularly liked this response to Hugh Hewitts article.
Stand 'em against a wall and shoot them. It wouldn't take but a couple 'til the rest of these petulent swine started catching on. Perhaps Mssr. Keller should be deported to Iraq and set out on a street corner in the Sunni triangle. Then he could BECOME news as we watched some of his good buddies saw his head off while screaming "Allah AKBAHR!"
I do wonder how long it is going to take for Conservatives to start acting out their murderous fantasies.

Tim Chapman is happy that the blogs have pushed Congress to consider passing a bill to censure the New York Times. Blog-O-Fascism is the future!!!

Michael S. Adams is upset that, as one of the three conservative professors in all of academia, his fellow professors don't seem to like him very much. I think the fact that he's a whiny jerk might have something to do with it.

"Humorist" Burt Prelutsky condemns Liberals for not being happier at the death of Zarqawi. I guess he's right; I mean now that Zarqawi is dead we see that there are smooth times ahead in Iraq.

See if I were Aquaman I could dive deep in the ocean and not be bothered by all these conservative jerks. Of course the fact that these articles make me yearn to be Aquaman might be another sign of how depressing they are.

Saving the most out of date for last, filthy liar Emmett Tyrell is still supporting the Swift Boat Liars with a bunch of lying. Part of me wants to go on a rampage showing what BS this article is, and another part of me realizes there's no point. If you believe the Swift Boat Liars, nothing I saw is going to sway you.

I think I'll go see how long I can hold my breath.

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