Monday, June 26, 2006


The Horse's Mouth has some interesting analysis of Media and Conservative Hypocricy.
Just try to wrap your brain around that logic for a second. Dems, led by Jack Murtha, have been beating the drums and demanding that the head-in-the-sand White House make some sort of move towards troop withdrawals. In response, the GOP has adamantly refused, smearing anyone even whispering such things as a weak, vaccillating Jane Fonda defeatist. Buoyed by the Zarqawi killing, the media relentlessly tried to portray this smidgen of good news in Iraq -- and the GOP strategy of demonizing Dems as cowards -- as political winners for Republicans. But Americans refused to think the way the commentators told them to. Polls continued to show no real uptick in approval for Bush or for his handling of Iraq, and that sizeable blocs of the public want to see some sort of phased withdrawal.

So now word is being leaked that the top commander in Iraq is "projecting" just what Dems pushed for and just what the GOP derided relentlessly as embracing "retreat" and "surrender." So how does the media react? By refusing to even acknowledge the political context of this at all.
Remain Calm has some thoughts on the offer of Amnesty to those who have killed Americans and some Senators reaction to this offer.
. . . "no amnesty" also sets up a bad set of incentives if your goal is to end the strife.
This is based on the sound Conservative idea that we can kill the Iraqis into liking us.

Probably going to add both these blogs to the blogroll.

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