Monday, June 12, 2006

Ann Coulter And Her Mind and Welcome To It

I know I am hitting Ann Coulter a lot lately. This is partially because I am a hack and Ann Coulter is an easy target. But also I am on the road (I am currently in beautiful Marco Island), and I have to be on the floor at the boutique in 53 minutes (I have to drive two blocks and walk across a street, and, worst of all, iron a shirt).

Hence an article I can write shortly, but that will give my fans a little thrill. For those of you who enjoyed the insights into Ann's character provided by her description of Bookstores as "Valleys of Darkness," here's a snippit of a recent softball interview she did with Time Magazine.
Q. . . . Why couldn't you offer your (already provocative) point that some "9/11 victims turned themselves into the arbiters of what anyone could say about 9/11" without the name-calling?

Ann. Name calling? The use of language is "name calling." . . .
Yes for Ann Coulter the use of language is name calling. She must lead a lonely life in some ways. But remember, her specialized use of language has brought her a lot of money, and enough money always attracts some people. So don't feel too sorry for her.

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