Monday, June 05, 2006

The Marriage Amendment Circus

In case you don't know the battle of the century is about to start. This may well be the defining moment in American history, a moment to make all other moments seem pale in comparison. And this moment involves the Marriage Amendment. Why is this most important of moments upon us? Because President Bush and his band of dingleberries were unable to distract us all with the immigration debate.

How do I know the key importance of this Marriage Amendment debate? Conservative columnists have told me.
The battle waged to protect the institution of marriage has arrived. For the past three weeks I have reminded my listeners, as well as my readers of this fact on a daily basis.
- Kevin McCullough
Today Mark Earley and I will be at the White House, meeting with President Bush and leaders of the pro-family movement. The president will then speak to the nation in support of the Marriage Protection Amendment. Thank God we have a president who supports this.
- Chuck Colson

This is a key moment in American history. Except it likely won't be. History is against the Marriage Amendment and everybody knows it (which is why some "Family" groups are so keen on getting this passed know. It's not a huge chance, but it's probably their last.

For more thoughtful thoughts on Gay Marriage, I point you to this old chestnut by Random Goblin, which many of you have read before.

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