Friday, June 09, 2006

Into the Valley of Darkness Pt 2

We were not content to stop our perusal of Florida Bookstores with one. After all Ann Coulter's claims that her book would be hidden by the hateful people who work at bookstores must be true, right? She wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. So we went to other bookstores to confirm her story.

First we went to Borders, and as you can see they had a display right at the front of the store.

Now you do have to take 7 steps into the store in order to acquire the book (at least I had to take 7 steps). So that is a step down from Waldenbooks (where you don't even have to go inside the Valley of Darkness to get it.

Books A Million is a step up from Borders as well, as you only have to take 5 steps into their Valley of Darkness to acquire the book.

However as with Walden Books, at both Borders and Books a Million you have to take a few more steps to actually purchase the book. I estimate that Anns fans will have to spend about 3-5 minutes in the Valley of Darkness actually purchasing the book.

The downside - so far it's looking like Ann Coulter isn't exactly telling the truth when she says that her book is being hidden.

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