Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Consistency of Mike S. Adams

I had planned not to tackle this subject again, but here we are.
The idea that Mormons are not Christians is also untenable. No one reading Romans 10:9 and John 14:6 can deny that Mormons are Christians who are saved by faith and destined for heaven.
First column on Mormonism.
Of course, the answer is that some Mormons have decided that Joseph Smith is a God. In other words, they have ceased to be Christian.
Latest column on Mormonism.

First of all don't be fooled by that "some" there. Adams makes it clear that this category of Mormons includes those who believe Joseph Smith to be a prophet which is, presumably, the vast majority of Mormons.

So what happened to make Adams turn on Mormons? How do Mormons go from being Christians subject to salvation to non-Christians in three short articles?

Well as some of you know, Mr. Adams is a very delicate person. And apparently he's received some criticisms from Mormons. So being so sensitive, he naturally lashes out at those who have offended his delicate sensibilities by criticizing them. Poor Mr. Adams. When you understand where he's coming from, one feels a bit more pity than disdain (even though, as a Mormon, I'm not fond of having my religion assaulted in this manner).

Hopefully someday Mr. Adams will develop enough self-esteem that he can withstand such criticisms; but I'm not hopeful.

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