Thursday, June 08, 2006

Into the Valley of Darkness Pt 1

OK let's review Ann Coulters thoughts about where her book would be placed in the bookstore.
The main problem with "Godless" is that I had to walk through the valley of darkness to find it. You will have to push past surly bookstore clerks, proceed past the weird people in the "self-help" section, and finally past the stacks and stacks of Hillary Clinton's memoirs. If all else fails, ask for the "hate speech" section of your local bookstore. Ironically, if you find "Godless" without asking for assistance, it's considered a minor miracle.
It turns out that at the Mall Walden Books this is not the case.

If you can't see it's on a rack outside the store - you don't even have to enter the "Valley of Darkness" to get it (although you do have to enter to purchase it). Here's a confirming close up.

As you can see you just have to reach past, er, below a book by Dean Koontz to get it. But surely Walden Books is just an anomaly, I'm sure my visits to Borders and Books A Million will confirm Ann Coulters testimony that finding her book will be a real challenge.

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