Thursday, June 01, 2006


One reason, besides neck ache, that I didn't post yesterday was that the first two articles I read where on Haditha (by Michelle Malkin and Ben Shapiro). The Right Wing is playing their regular game in regards to the events that seem to have taken place in Haditha.

Phase one: unconfirmed reports service (in this case repeated by Rep. Murtha) about an atrocity committed in Haditha.
Conservatoid Response: those reports are unconfirmed and it shows how much Democrats hate soldiers that they are latching on to them to attack our efforts in Iraq.
Phase two: the Reports are confirmed by further investigation.
Conservatoid Response: The investigation by the military isn't done yet, so the Media and Liberals should just ignore this story, until the military finishes their investigation. Presenting this evidence to the American people just shows that they hate the military. This response works for any new evidence in between now and the time the Military finishes their investigation.
Phase three (possibility A): Despite clear evidence, the military takes little to no answer
Conservatoid Response: Total silence, or a continuation of their response to Phase 2.
Phase three (possibility B): The military holds those soldiers responsible guilty and punishes them.
Conservatoid Response: See the system works; but this is an old story now, and any continued discussion of it only shows how the Media and Liberals hate soldiers.
When is the right time to discuss the implications of Haditha? Never, according to our friends the conservatives. It's always either too soon or too late.

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