Monday, June 19, 2006

The Story Writes Itself

As you know William Jefferson was removed from his position of power by his own party. The Congressional Black Caucus has protested that this move was unwarrented. And several prominent Republicans, such as Rush Limbaugh, are standing with them, saying that this reflects the racism of the Democrats, that they are always willing to toss off a Black Democrat.

Of course had the Democratic party stood with Mr. Jefferson, presumably Rush would be talking about what hypocrites we are for harping on the culture of corruption.

At any rate Star Parker, another Republican who is also a Black woman, disagrees with Rush in this matter.
The way in which Jefferson has handled himself during this episode, and the support he has gotten from a number of his Black Caucus colleagues, is an embarrassment and demonstrates, once again, the sore need for a new kind of black leadership in Washington.

Jefferson should have taken the high road and voluntarily relinquished his committee seat. The fact that he didn't, the fact that the Congressional Black Caucus leadership supported his decision to resist Nancy Pelosi's request that he step aside, and the fact that the caucus chose to insert a racial dimension to these events, seriously undermines the credibility of black leadership.
Of course the kind of Black leadership Ms. Parker yearns for is the kind that is conservative. Not sure how well that is going to go for her.

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