Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Your Weekly Rush - Community Service leads to Fascism

I meant to get to this over the weekend but was too busy doing other things. This is from Limbaugh's Friday show in which he lambasted Obama (big surprise) for his remarks on September 11th.
The problem here, folks, is that 9/11, eight years ago today, we're not remembering it for what it should be remembered for. Obama's hijacking this to push his agenda. He's hijacking this event that he knows is going to get full-fledged media coverage all day long. He's hijacking this for what sounds like a wonderful thing. "Well, community service. We all gotta get together." You gotta understand "community service" is nothing more than community organizing. It is a tactic. Community service is one of the baby steps toward fascism.

So many things that Obama does appear to be isolated, but they are interconnected to organizing the private sector to serve the state -- and that's not the way this country was founded. You have to remember this about Barack Obama. He does not like this country as constituted. He does not like the US Constitution.
Yep. So whatever you do, don't serve your community!

Limbaugh did later back off of this, but it's still pretty revealing.

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