Tuesday, September 22, 2009

News from the Past - September 22, 1929

From the Morning Call out of Laurel Miss, we get this charming fight news.
$18,000 and
Manager of
Fight Gone

NEW ORLEANS, La., Sept. 21.—Frankie Edwards, who last night promoted the Tony Canzoneri-Eddie "Kid" Wolfe fight which drew $21,526.43 was sought tonight by district attorney's office, charged with embezzling $18,000.
Canzoneri got his money but Wolfe, and the referees, were not paid. Sammy Goldman, Canzoneri's manager, got most of Tony's share before he entered the ring and lost the least.
Call my crazy, but I'm going to guess it was Edwards what took the money.

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Phillip Franklin said...

Eddie "Kid" Wolfe was my uncle. Now I realize my bad luck comes from both sides of my family.