Friday, September 25, 2009

Case in Point

Michelle Malkin's latest article is entitled "The Three R's in the Age of Obama: Rappin', Revolution and Radicalism."

This is pretty much exactly what Liberals are talking about when it comes to a racist component to the criticism of Obama. Whether or not Malkin is racist, she surely knows that criticizing Obama in these terms will play with her audience.

The overall article is about the Burlington Township school which apparently went a bit overboard in their praise of Obama and thus justifies all of the crazy hysteria Conservatives kicked up around Obama's speech to the schools a few weeks ago. She continues by giving biased biographies of a few of his education picks and concludes, in a time honored tradition, by lamenting that our students aren't learning Reading Writing and Arithmetic. Instead they are learning Rappin', Revolution, and Radicalism.

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