Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Christian Nation?

Nathan Tabor is uncomfortable with President Obama stating that this isn't just a Christian Nation. To be fair many Conservatives aren't. But in his latest article he takes it a step further.
He did away with the annual National Day of Prayer on which the White House traditionally hosted a service in its East Room. When a reporter asked Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs about Obama's decision, Gibbs replied, "Prayer is something that the president does everyday."
Lets pause here to note some minor dishonesty. Tabor makes it sound like this is something totally new; while President Bush 43 did hold a ceremony every year, President Clinton didn't hold any and President's Reagen and Bush 41 held one ceremony apiece during their tenures.
However, in the midst of a war against radical Islam and his push to takeover health care, President Obama found time to hold a White House dinner honoring the Muslim holiday of Ramadan Kareem. And the guest list did not only include Muslims. Many Washington elites attended the ceremony including some Republicans such as Senator Richard Lugar.
This is a bit like complaining about the President noting any non-Christian holiday, except that, of course, we are apparently at war with Islam. No wait, "Radical Islam." I'll note parenthetically that of course a white house dinner isn't just for Muslims, because presumably the President will attend and he isn't a Muslim.

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