Friday, September 11, 2009

Acorn Prostitution Story

Doug Giles has the story (along with Beck, Limbaugh and others).
In an espionage adventure that James Bond and Simon Templar would be proud of, two young filmmakers posed as civilians wanting to run a house of prostitution and infiltrated ACORN with video cameras rolling and found the nutty ACORN employees absolutely giddy about helping the characters with the following:

- How to start up their dream whorehouse with 13-year-old girls imported from El Salvador
The footage is available online should you want to see it.

The story stinks to high heaven. The two filmmakers did go around to a variety of Acorn offices trying to get this scam off the ground. The two woman involved were fired; I suspect they may have been provocateurs in on the gag. I don't know if this story has legs or not; I hope it doesn't.

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