Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Trivializing Serious Issues

Cal Thomas's latest article is about Israel, in which he presents Obama as, at best, another Chamberlain eager to sell out the Jews. And yet that's not the bad part.
What could the Jews have done seven decades ago to dissuade Hitler from his "Final Solution"? What can modern Israelis do today to keep from being murdered by those who continue to hate Jews simply for being Jews? The answer to both questions is: nothing. Jews were murdered then and now, not for anything they did, but simply for being Jewish.
Thank you Mr. Thomas for trivializing a serious issue with blatant and obvious misstatement, if not outright lie. The truth, as anybody with half a brain knows, is that the Palestinian issue is a real issue; Israeli treatment of the Palestinians has been, at best, mixed. And when you completely exonerate Israel, and chalk up the tension strictly to irrational, Hitler-like hatred, you make it harder to actually solve this problem. And that's pretty damned shameful, in my opinion.

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Young Activist said...

I find the philosophical musings Thomas opened his diatribe with particularly interesting in light of his support for violent, anti-democratic forces in Latin America and his advocacy for the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from the West Bank. He is a thoroughly disgusting man.