Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everybody's favorite subject

John Hawkin's latest article is about how Electing Barack Obama is bad for race relations. It's not very good. He starts off with the unprovable assertion that the main reason Black people voted for Barack Obama was race, showing that they really do judge a candidate on the basis of skin color, not character (yes, Hawkins quotes Conservatives favorite quote from Martin Luther King.

Hawkins then notes that after the election White America has concluded that racism is over, while Barack Obama's supporters have upped the usage of the race card.
So, despite the fact that Obama came to power promising unity, what we've gotten instead is incessant cries of racism over everything. Any effective attacks on Obama? Racism. Any opposition to his agenda? Racism. Any opposition at all to Obama? Racism.
Posters portraying Obama as a witch doctor might actually be racist though, Mr. Hawkins. Let's be honest for a moment - the Tea Partiers have held up some pretty racist posters, and if you read the comments of some on the right, it's clear that race does play into their disdain for Obama.

Hawkins then notes that Obama hasn't stood up to those in his own party.
However, it's also worth noting what Obama DOESN'T DO. He doesn't ask his supporters to stop crying "racism." So, everyone who opposes him politically gets smeared as a racist, while he doesn't have to personally get his hands dirty.
Yeah I remember back when Conservatoids were calling every criticism of the War in Iraq treasonous - President Bush sure stepped up and put a stop to that.

He then concludes that the Obama is no Jackie Robinson; rather the first Black President is a disgrace, in his opinion, and so will set race relations back. Presumably because White Americans will come to hate him more and more for his feckless incompetence while Black Americans will stand by him. Of course, it goes without saying that for Hawkins, Black America just has it wrong; Obama is a disaster and if they can't see it they must be blind. That may not be the truth.

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