Sunday, September 13, 2009

News from the Past - September 13, 1929

I have not been good at updating this feature, but then I am not good at blogging on Sunday either, so why not take two things and put them together.

Des Moines Jury Pronounces It
Palatable and Intoxicating.
Des Moines, la., Sept. 13.— (AP) — Bay rum from the 5 and 10 cent store has been classified by a Des Moines jury as a palatable and intoxicating beverage and therefore against the laws of the corn state.
Three thousand bottles of bay rum were seized in a raid at an F. W. Woolworth company 5-and-10 cent store. Condemnation proceedings were brought. After three days of testimony devoted to showing that bay rum was both palatable and intoxicating, the jury voted last night that the liquid be condemned.
Judge J. E. Mershon said that today he would issue the condemnation warrant. Attorney Will Riley, defense counsel, declared that he will appeal the case for final decision before the Iowa supreme court.
The verdict will lead to an extensive campaign by the county attorney to curb the sale of bay rum, it was announced.
I love those old timey captions that read like orders from the newspaper.

I also imagine this would have been a fun jury to have sat on.

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