Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News from the Past - September 23, 1929

This is from the Hope Star for Monday Sept. 23, 1929 - it has a headline WORLDS LARGEST MELON IN, which seems truncated, but that's not the story I picked.
Bike Tourist Is
Visitor To Hope

Buenos Aires To New
York Is Jaunt Young
Argentinian Making
Victor Seghetti, of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic, was a caller at this office Saturday afternoon, securing a letter showing he had visited here and the date.
Seghetti is making somewhat of a tour on a bicycle, headed from his native city to New York, visiting a newspaper office in every town he passes through and mailing the letters announcing his arrival on to New York to await his arrival.
Since starting his long journey Seghetti has passed through ten countries and is well on his way through the Estados Unidos. He expects to arrive in New York about Thanksgiving.
That's some serious biking.

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