Monday, September 14, 2009

Tort Reform

It's nice, every so often, to point to an article at Townhall and agree with it. In this case, Ken Conner takes on the long held belief that the best way to improve medicine in America is to stop holding Doctor's accountable for their errors.
Instead of focusing on truly conservative solutions to our nation's mounting health care crisis, Republican lawmakers and pundits are playing the same old song-and-dance—blaming ballooning health care costs on trial lawyers. This red herring tactic is a classic example of politicians trampling principle in pursuit of politics. In this case, Republicans moonlighting as "conservatives" seek to use tort reform to shield corporate malefactors (who also happen to be their financial benefactors) from full accountability for their wrongdoing. In so doing, they are undermining a bedrock principle of our nation's justice system.
The article is well worth reading for a thorough debunking of "tort reform."

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