Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Where do you stand?

It's normal to think of oneself as normal. But sometimes too much is too much. Take Ben Shapiro's latest article, for example. He argues that the Republican party is the party of moderation and the Democrats are the party of extremism.
Americans are not extremists. The Democratic Party, however, is extreme. Americans must realize once again that the political center is not between the two parties -- it is within the Republican Party.
President Bush and his "moderate" Republican allies have abandoned habeas corpus, the Geneva convention, and embraced pre-emptive wars based on what our enemies could do not on what they have done. Republicans have emptied the coffers with his excessive tax cuts and lack of fiscal discipline. They oppose any relief to our nations health care woes and they hope to phase out social security (although they can't admit that openly). They have taken a lot of extremely conservative positions. And the fact is, whether Ben likes it or not, the American people aren't with them on these positions.

Where Ben sees an administration that hasn't gone far enough towards the center (they are still too leftist for Ben's taste), that's more of an indication of where he stands on the scale than an indication of what the Republican party is really like.

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