Monday, November 06, 2006

Interestingly Controversial Article over at Townhall

It's about Gay Marriage, one of those issues that is sort of Townhall's bread and Butter, but surprisingly it isn't about how allowing gays to marriage will destroy the nation. Quite the contrary actually. It's by Steve Chapman and it explains how Gay Marriage isn't actually a threat to the American Family.
What same-sex marriage offers, by contrast, is a safe harbor for those who prefer responsible monogamy to free love. It's not a rejection of the values of traditional marriage -- it's an affirmation.

Gallagher and others say conventional marriage serves to reconcile "the erotic, social, sexual and financial needs of men and women with the needs of their partner and their children." Funny -- that's also what gay marriage does. It provides a durable framework in which two people can commit themselves to an exclusive sexual relationship while assuring a stable environment for their children.
Chapman also notes that countries that have allowed Gay Marriage have not seen their marriage rates decline to any great extent.

So score one for sanity, over at Townhall. Of course they dropped it the day before the election so it will be buried beneath other articles. And the reaction hasn't been very positive. One person explained that Gay people want to destroy marriage because people who come from bad marriages often turn out to be Gay and they want a larger dating pool. That's really thinking ahead.

And then there's this comforting comment by the gentle folks at Townhall "Its a shame Chapman doesn't live in a commune where dropping the soap would bring the natural consequence. Ugh." I'd like to believe that last Ugh was a self critique of the comment that directly precedes it, but I doubt it.

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