Thursday, November 09, 2006

Are Conservatives Insane? Pt 2

For the answer to this tricky political question, let's check in with Ann Coulter's latest article.

Yes. Yes they are.

They are also deceptive. Check out this section.
During eight years of Clinton -- the man Democrats tell us was the greatest campaigner ever, a political genius, a heartthrob, Elvis! -- Republicans picked up a total of 49 House seats and nine Senate seats in two midterm elections. Also, when Clinton won the presidency in 1992, his party actually lost 10 seats in the House -- only the second time in the 20th century that a party won the White House but lost seats in the House.

Meanwhile, the Democrats' epic victory this week, about which songs will be sung for generations, means that in two midterm elections Democrats were only able to pick up about 30 seats in the House and four seats in the Senate -- and that's assuming they pick up every seat that is currently too close to call. (The Democrats' total gain is less than this week's gain because Bush won six House and two Senate seats in the first midterm election.)

So however you cut it, this midterm proves that the Iraq war is at least more popular than Bill Clinton was.
That's precious My guess is that Clinton actually lost fewer seats than Bush in his second Midterm (during the impeachment scandal), and Ann Coulter is not enthusiastic about pointing that out. So she includes 1994 and 2002 two elections when Republicans did well, to skew the comparison.

On the list of things Ann Coulter is hoping you won't notice, you'd also have to include the fact that we weren't at war with Iraq in 2002. We certainly didn't know in 2002 that there weren't any weapons of mass destruction.

As for crazy, check out her last paragraph.
The Democrats certainly have their work cut out for them. They have only two years to release as many terrorists as possible and lock up as many Republicans as they can. Republicans better get that body armor for the troops the Democrats are always carping about -- and fast. The troops are going to need it for their backs.
I think we might have a bit more than two years, as it turns out.

You wonder how she will sustain that world view during the next few years of relatively moderate actions by our buddies, the Democrats. The answer? Insanity.

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