Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We are doomed

Oh why didn't we listen to Cal Thomas before foolishly electing a Democratic Congress? Than we would have realized the terrible danger he describes in his latest article.
In an effort to take Iraq off the table as an issue in the 2008 presidential campaign, the Bush administration adopts most of the provisions of the Iraq Study Group. In a modern version of the Paris Peace Talks, which allowed the United States to have "peace with honor" and withdraw from Vietnam (resulting in the deaths, imprisonment and "re-education" of unknown numbers of Vietnamese who wanted to be free), the administration then orders a "redeployment" of forces after "negotiations" with Syria and Iran (recommended by Blair). This allows just enough time for American troops to leave before al-Qaeda murders the elected leadership and takes over Iraq.

Meanwhile in the United States, mosques and Islamic schools paid for by the extremist Wahhabi sect, multiply like fast-food franchises. Terrorists are imported and recruited from prisons. Al-Qaeda announces that weapons of mass destruction have been placed in key American and European cities. They demand that the United States withdraw its protection of Israel. If we refuse, they threaten to detonate their weapons, killing millions of people. What president, or prime minister, will reject that demand? After capitulating on the installment plan, who will have the political or moral capital (or military capacity) to stop Armageddon?
I always find it amazing that people like Thomas believe that at any moment thousands of Americans are ready to convert to Islam, go to Islamic Schools and attend mosques. These are, of course, the same people Cal Thomas feels are too wimpishly weak, watching bad television shows and movies, and generally acting like lazy, indulgent, slobs. And all of a sudden we are going to get up, shut off "Who wants to marry their sister" and march out to join Islam, and not just regular Islam, but the very constricting Wahhabi sect. Seems unlikely in my book.

Of course the rest of this is pretty fantastic as well. But it goes back to Cal Thomas's essential belief on Islam - let's kill 'em until they change their ways. A policy which would naturally lead to a hell of a lot of killing.

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