Monday, November 13, 2006

Another reason the Republicans lost

Apparently the Democrats played a dirty trick by running strong candidates who had conservative values. Had Democrats put up their normal crop of Liberals, they would never have won. But we tricked everybody by putting up a bunch of Conservative talking candidates.

This is not entirely true (although certainly there are some of our high profile candidates that fit this description). Kevin McCullough, who has a book he'd like to sell you, argues that these Crash Dummys (as he calls conservative Democrats in Congress) are basically screwed. They will have to support the House Leadership which is likely to be the right of them.
A few will attempt independence from the liberal elite that rule the chambers, but none will survive it. Liberals have been out of power for so long now that the only thing pressed upon their minds is to regain the third branch of government in 2008.

. . . A sad thing about the functionally empty-suit Crash Dummies is that they will be pretty much a near immediate disappointment to those who sent them there. Make no mistake America did not lurch left on election night.

The saddest thing of all however is that the Crash Dummy class of 2006, while it was a brilliant strategy . . . is that it removed some of the strongest true believers that social conservatives have ever supported. The likes of George Allan, and Rick Santorum, don't come along often - and their losses are blows to the body that hurt.

And it is those few true believers that our nation will miss most, whether we realize it now or not.
You know McCullough, the people had a choice. They could have kept Santorum in power if they had wanted. The fact that they didn't - well that should show something, even if the guy they replaced him with isn't that far left.

I think it's kind of sad to assume that the people wanted to elect Republicans but were just bamboozled.

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