Monday, November 06, 2006

Rush LImbaugh Speaks

Caught a little bit of Rush Limbaugh pontificating about tomorrow's election today. I'll italicize the point that interested me.
Kerry happened on day six of this ten-day period. So he might have given it a boost but he's not the reason. They're just covering their rear ends if they do lose, or if they don't win as big as they are predicting. They don't want the blame to be on them and what they stand for and what they've said and what their issues are. They want to be able to throw Kerry overboard, and even though that's a tempting prospect, would love to see it, we're not going to let them get away with hiding the fact that if they don't win as big as they thought, if they lose, that they are the factor. That's going to be the primary reason.
This of course sets up Bush to say on Wednesday that he's still optimistic, that Republicans are still the power in the United States, that real Americans still hate the Democrats, and so on and so forth. The loss of the House proves nothing because, given anything, the Democrats should have done a lot better. And the reason they didn't, was because America still loves and trusts President Bush and the Republicans.

In short this upcoming defeat for Republicans is really a victory. Or at least that's Rush's take on it.

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