Thursday, November 09, 2006

Are Conservatives Insane?

Praise Allah, it appears they are. Check out this post at Hyscience (presumably the science of getting high).
You are losing the war on terror - the one that people like Nancy Pelosi don't think exist. Mohammad and even al-Zarqawi are laughing their asses off from their graves - they now know that America is too weak to fight their ideology and that you will surely be defeated.

. . . It was almost too easy for them, they just handed the Democrats propaganda to use in their talking points and to put out through the liberal media and influence the elections - just like they did in Spain.

. . . However, that's all very small consolation for America, because the Islamists believe that the White House is now more likely to become the Muslim House. Unfortunately for you America, you deserve what you are going to get - the fruits of your naiveness are going to be very bitter, and very costly. You have failed to stand up together and are going to live long enough to learn that these words that I have written are prophetic - at least some of you are.
The author of this piece attempted to write it from the point of view of an Islamist Terrorist. But halfway through kind of forgot what he was doing and then remembered again at the end.

But I don't think we will get a "Muslim House." That's just silly. When our Islamic masters take over they will tear down the Washington Monument for it's phallic symbolism, but will leave the rest of DC alone. They are really going to go to town in Hollywood on the other hand - stemming the tide of filth that pours out of our TVs and on our movie screens. And they will enforce strict morality codes, proscribing death to Gays for example.

Actually it sounds like they would be able to make common cause with the Dominionists.

But of course all this is ludicrous in the extreme. The incoming liberals are going to oppose military adventurism on false premises, and hopefully they will require oversight on the executive branch, but other than that they will continue to fight the War on Terror to win.

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