Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just how bad are Democrats anyway?

Well, according to David Limbaugh's latest article, not bad enough.
While I stand by my contention that the Democratic Party is intellectually and morally bankrupt, I'll concede Republicans are floundering right now. Ideologically, this is a center-right nation, and yet Republicans lost at the polls. Democrats are going to continue being who they are, but Republicans need to come home.

. . . As the elections proved, Republicans cannot rely on the Democrats' bankruptcy to bail them out -- and they shouldn't.
His article covers the various schisms in the Republican party - on immigration, on the war on terror, and on religion, and tries to placate both sides (although he's clearly opposed to immigration and in favor of more religion in Government).

He argues that the Republican party has some disagreements, but they should get their act together (by having one side capitulate to the other) so they can defeat the Democrats. So while he presents both those who are uncomfortable with government policies based on the Bible and those who favor Dominionism as equals, the truth is he wants the anti-Dominionists to shut up for the good of the party. Unlikely to happen, in reality (not that the anti-Dominionists have any kind of meaningful power in the Republican party anyway).

Most articles of this type (i.e. we lost so now we have to be even more conservative) just postulate a real conservativism and argue that Republicans need to get back to it. Usually this "real" conservativism involves keeping taxes low and cutting government programs, particularly entitlements. Limbaugh's approach is a little different, but the end result is the same - he wants a party that all says the same thing.

Because when you are an ideologue the answer is always more ideology.

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