Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go Vote Today

That's my sermon of the day. And if you need another reason to go vote - here's David Limbaugh, the "smart" Limbaugh brother.
If you believe the polls, there is a frightening disconnect in American politics today. Polls show that while voters believe Iraq and the war on terror are the most important issues, they are leaning toward restoring congressional control to the party that is too arrogant and disorganized to tell us what it would do on those issues if elected.

Many of us have so often stated that Democrats don't have a plan for Iraq that I am concerned voters are either numb to it or think it's just another Republican talking point. But it is undeniably true.
It's undeniably crap. First of all we don't have one candidate. We have hundreds. Each House Candidate and each Senate Candidate is entitled to have their own opinion on the best way to handle Iraq. Secondly running the Iraq war is the province of the President, and he's not taken to asking advice from people who disagree with him.

Finally let's look at our brave leaders bold plan. Sit around in Iraq, letting our troops and Iraqis die, until, somehow, Democracy flourishes. That's a plan? That's something we should support?

So go piss David Limbaugh off. Vote!

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