Monday, November 13, 2006

Rush Limbaugh is Crabby

Was listening to Rush Limbaugh at lunch a bit today, and he sounded three kinds of crabby. I suppose I would be too if I believed I was the voice of a nation and found out I was just a skilled but morally bankrupt radio talkshow host. Here he thought his brand of Republican Extremism was americas default position. Turns out that default is a little to the left, according to an analysis of the recent election by Jonathan Alter.
Their peril has its origins in Bush's highly divisive effort to intensify the conservative movement instead of governing from the center. After the razor-thin 2000 election, he listened to shortsighted advice from pollster Matthew Dowd that "swing" voters were extinct and success lay in turning out "the base." But more than one third of American voters identify themselves as independents, which is a higher percentage than claim a party ID. Smart politicians have always known that the G spot of the American body politic is in the middle.
Very comforting to know that those of on the left aren't as far afield as we've been portrayed.

Thanks be to Random Goblin who forward this article to me.

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