Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go Vote Today

Stop me if you've heard this one before. But voting good. Not voting makes you a punk. I don't care how busy you are and I don't care how much stuff you have going on. You could be a student pursuing a tough degree in Engineering or Law, for example, and you should still take time off and go vote.

Remember - Not Voting is for Punks. And not cool punks. Punkass punks. Punkass punks don't vote. Cool Punks do vote.

I'm not really good at coming up with slogans.

In other news Republicans are dillholes. Have you heard the one about the robo calling monster? Talking Points Memo has information on this fiendish scheme by our Republican friends.
Most of the call's script is a fairly standard attack robocall, a series of Republican talking points aimed at the Democratic congressional in a particular district. Nothing particularly noteworthy. The key is the introduction. The lead into the call starts with the speaker saying 'I'm calling with information about' Dem candidate X. Then there's a short pause.

At this point, you know it's an annoying robocall, so a lot of people just hang up. If you hang up then, you think it's a call from the Democratic candidate.

Second, the repetition. And this part is the key. If you don't listen through the whole message, the machine keeps calling you back, often well in excess of half a dozen times with the same call. It only stops if you listen all the way through.

As you can imagine, that's driving a lot of people through the roof.
One can only imagine - and of coruse they believe that the Democratic candidate is the one doing all these repetitive phone calls. So it's a sort of heads I win, tails you lose set up for our friends on the right. But I don't think this particular scheme is doing to be popular once it explained to the American people.

Presumably the Republicans have their "overzealous staffer" already picked out to take the fall for this scheme.

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