Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Speaks

Caught a bit of Rush Limbaugh while driving around. He was talking about Keith Ellison, who will be the first Muslim elected to the House of Representatives (ever). Apparently Rush was under the impression that once we elected a Muslim, all the Muslims the world over would change their ways and love America. That hasn't happened. In fact al-Qaida has denounced him, and said that his election changes nothing n their murderous agenda towards the US.

Poor Rush might have been a little unrealistic.

You see the problem that affects Rush, and many people on the right is that they see Muslims as all being essentially the same person. So if we elect one Muslim to the house of representatives, in a sense we've elected them all, and they should all be happy. In fact Muslims, much like Christians and everybody else are all individuals. They react as individuals. I have no doubt that many Muslim Americans are quite pleased to see someone like Ellison in the House of Representatives. And yet other Muslims (who also happen to be crazed killers) look at it a bit differently. This is quite understandable when you accept that Muslims are not a unified block, but are individuals.

Unfortunately Rush can't quite see things that way, and, as mentioned above, many of his colleagues suffer from the same ailment. Which is why you can't trust conservatives to fight the war on terror in an intelligent way.

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