Friday, November 03, 2006

The Grown-Ups

We are nearing the end of this election cycle, and Mike Gallagher is tired. He's just so tired, poor guy. And what is he tired of? People like me.
C'mon, it's not even a close call. Face it, the Democrats are a bunch of angry, bitter, cynical people with no direction, no strategy, and certainly not a whole lot of positive things to say about the USA. The Republicans just feel like, well, the grown-ups.
There's nothing more grown up than pissing away our essential freedoms to chase after a little security. Nothing more adult than the "great writ" i.e. Habeus Corpus, because President Bush assures us he would only lock up bad people.

There's nothing more adult than Rush Limbaugh making fun of Michael J. Fox, acting out his illness.

There's nothing more adult that invading a country on false information and refusing to leave even though it's clear that victory is out of reach. Gallagher says it himself. "A war is a very grown-up thing." Yep. Nothing more grown up than invading another country.

He ends by putting his faith in the American people. I wonder how long that faith will last after they vote in a Democratic majority in the House (and hopefully the Senate).

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