Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Voted!

One of the nice things about voting is that they give you a sticker that says "Everybody Knows this is Nowhere" after the Neil Young Song. No wait, it really says "I Voted". This is convienent for going around and lording it over people who didn't vote. If you've voted, just start pushing other people around. It's fun and enjoyable, but get it out of your system today, because the stickers magic ends tomorrow.

Those of you who haven't voted yet, remember you can put the magic power of this sticker to work for you by simply driving to your polling place and voting. Then you will be safe from getting pushed around, and get to work pushing other people around.

If the opportunity to push other people around doesn't appeal to you, I heard that your precinct they are giving away kittys, poppies and king cobras to every person that votes.

Obviously nothing said here is to be taken seriously save the exhortation to go vote!

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