Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Weekly Rush - Ann Coulter and Elizabeth Edwards

It won't surprise you to find out that Rush Limbaugh is more or less on Ann's side in this whole kerfluffle. He accuses Edwards of putting his wife up to it and hiding behind her skirts, proving again what a classy and well-informed guy he is. Ms. Elizabeth Edwards in the interview denied having talked to her husband before calling, and you can guess who I find more believable, Limbaugh or Elizabeth Edwards.

Another non-surprising thing; this whole event turns out to be another assault on Rush Limbaugh, who has to put himself at the center of nearly every issue that comes along.
Now, what's going on here is obvious, is it not? This is just as I had a caller the other day, you are responsible for the Hispanics in this country not voting Republican, you're mean, you're not nice, and you're hateful rhetoric, and is this the same thing now. In fact, I think this has Fairness Doctrine implications. I think that this attitude from Elizabeth Edwards, you're too mean, you need to stop saying things the way you are saying them.
Apparently Limbaugh feels, like Coulter, if he had to keep his commentary within the boundaries of common decency, he'd have nothing to say.

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